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Electronic Payment for Club Permit Renewals at VicRoads

VicRoads have introduced a system for electronic payment of Club Permit renewals and this system also allows for a complete non-contact process for the renewal. The Fiat Club has tested and reviewed the system and can confirm it functions well and efficiently and we have set up a new process to manage this, to make it easier for our members.

The first step is to set up your myVicRoads account via the attached link. Click Here.

 Your account will show all cars linked to your name on the VicRoads database and ‘may’ include some or all of your Club Permit cars. If a specific car is not listed you can call VicRoads on 13 11 71 to have it linked, but it is recommended you take this step at the time this vehicle is ready for renewal.

 Once your car is on their system the process is relatively simple. Click Here

If you are able to get your Permit Renewal form signed by one of our signatories, you follow the instructions on your myVicRoads account and simply download this signed form to the VicRoads website (myVicRoads) and pay by credit card. You will receive an acknowledgement relatively quickly and in 1-2 working days get a further acknowledgement of the permit renewal.

If you prefer to work in email only, (necessary during our lockdown) you can email your Permit Renewal form to the dedicated Fiat club email address [email protected] Our signatory will fill out a Club Permit endorsement form and email it back to you. Via your myVicRoads account, you then download this endorsement form and your permit renewal (unsigned) and pay by credit card. The acknowledgement will follow as above.

To help us with our database we would also appreciate a current photo of your car which you can send to the same email address.

If you still possess the ancient system of payment called a cheque book you can still use it to mail in your renewal

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