1956 - 2017

The Fiat Owners Club began in 1957 when around 40 people responded to an invitation from Fiat dealers, Devon Motors, to meet to discuss the formation of a club with the aim" to help and advance Fiat owners and ownership in Victoria' and "to foster better acquaintance and social spirit between owners of Fiats in Victoria" Sixty years on the Fiat car Club of Victoria, as it was to become known, has certainly done all of the above and much more. The club is the oldest Italian marque club in Victoria and the second oldest in Australia and is the biggest Fiat Club in Australia at present. 


With a membership of 450 at present, our club provides opportunities for Fait owners to meet monthly, to compete in motor sport, to display our wide range of Fiats dating 

from 1910 to the current models and to join together for a wide rang

e of social activities. Our club provides plenty of opportunities to seek and share advice and the means to keep up to date with what is happening in the Fiat "family”. 


Our bi-monthly FIATmonth magazine, the in- between Fiat Pronto Newsletter, regular email outs to inform members of coming events, cars and parts for sale and wanted and other news, our club Facebook site and our website are all ways in which club members 

are kept informed of what is happening.  Membership in the Fiat Car Club of Victoria also enables members to have their cars on Club Permit Registration, enabling a wider usage of their classic cars. 


The Committee of the Fiat Car Club of Victoria works tirelessly to provide members with every opportunity to enjoy their Fiat and to be part of the Fiat Community. 

Fiat owners and lovers are invited to join in the celebrations in, this, our 60th Anniversary Year

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